Shareholder resolutions often come in waves, with every year or so witnessing the emergence of a new "flavor of the year" type of precatory resolution and the decline of some prior types. In the past, management's response has largely been to duck and cover: to hope for the storm to pass before the topic gained sufficient traction to generate real pressure for change. This tactic looks increasingly untenable. (Kahan, Marcel and Rock, Edward B., Embattled CEOs. Texas Law Review).

As the influence of shareholders, institutional and private, is growing and directors' liability already being a serious issue these days, information on shareholders composition and shareholders views and opinions is becoming increasingly important.

Furthermore, also investment managers, stock exchanges, banks, governments and even lawyers are looking for reliable and timely information and insights from company investors.

On demand of clients, Arcavox conducts surveys amongst individual shareholders of public companies to gather their views and opinions about a large range of issues. Clients usually are public companies, but there also are many other parties such as investment funds, banks, financial media and government, interested in the information we can provide.



Arcavox communicates with these formal and informal groups of shareholders to build permanent digital formal panels of shareholders who agree to participate in regular surveys. By this, Arcavox represents the first serious and credible survey database in this line. Arcavox uses state-of-the-art web based secure technologies to conduct online surveys and interviews among these panels of shareholders.


It started in 2007 when Dick Weiss organized a European-wide conference in London together with the Financial Times about the role of the Audit Committee with regards to Corporate Governance. The research conducted under directors, both executive as non-executive, from listed companies in all European countries showed that most directors hardly had any insight in the views and opinions of their shareholders.